It's very simple you see, all you've gotta do within JUST 24 hours is . . . 

  • Innovate a hack for the future based on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals envisioning how YOU want the world’s future to look like
  • Compete in games at the crack of dawn 
  • Lose sleep . Have fun . Make new friends! 

Oh, and also Win BLOODY AMAZING prizes sponsored by Google, StarRez, Inc. and Canva !!!!! 

Trust us when we say, even if you're a beginner to hackathons or if you have no technical knowledge at all, this will be the place to be at to gain valuable experience and grow your skills as a person as well as to make your CV pretty <3

P.S Don't worry if you can't find a team, we will help you find a team!


In addition to details about your project and how you built it, please provide the following:

  1. A public link to your repository and prototype
  2. Images of your team and project 
  3. A video that showcases your pitch,  demonstration of your project in action and your team (the video should be a maximum of three minutes)

Please note that your video and link to the repository must be accessible within the judging period (10:30 AM 21st Nov - 3:00 PM 21st Nov). 

Hackathon Sponsors


$9,260 in prizes


This prize is sponsored by Google and includes Google Cloud credits, Google merchandise and many more!


This prize is sponsored by Google and includes Google Cloud credits, Google merchandise and many more!


This prize is sponsored by Google and includes Google Cloud credits, Google merchandise and many more!


This prize is sponsored by PaperCut Software and includes a day at PaperCut HQ in Melbourne (or virtual attendance if out of Melbourne), shadowing the cloud developer team and lunch with PaperCut Software CEO, Chris Dance and a PaperCut swag pack including a Google Nest Mini for the winning team!


This prize is sponsored by RMIT University! Stay tuned to know what it is :>


This prize is sponsored by Canva and includes a 12 month Canva Pro subscription for each member of the winning team!


This prize is sponsored by the Tech Clubs of RMIT University and includes 5 Kindles for each member of the winning team!


Some lovely arduino microcontrollers sponsored by the Tech Clubs of RMIT!

Team building game (3)

Officeworks gift cards for the best team!


A certain Toshiba hard disk for the lucky winner!


It's a powerbank, folks.

Scavanger Hunt Game

USB Flash Drive Pack for the fabulous winner!

Animal Kingdom Prize

USB 3.0 Hub for the one who never doesn't sleep to win at games!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Damian Fasciani

Damian Fasciani
Chief Technology Officer@StarRez, Inc.

Laura White

Laura White
Head of Talent@PaperCut Software

Denis Bauer

Denis Bauer
Head cloud computing bioinformatics@CSIRO | PhD (A/Prof) | keynote speaker | AWS Data Hero

Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan
Senior Lecturer@RMIT University

David Lei

David Lei
Software Engineer@Google

Manasi Bapat

Manasi Bapat
Manasi Bapat is a senior technical engineer@Telstra

Gloria Lo

Gloria Lo
Product Designer@Canva

Judging Criteria

  • Innovative Technology
    Does your application use new innovative technology? Or is it a simple web application or prototype? This incentivises using newer and more modern technologies. For instance GraphQL over REST, React over PHP.
  • Technical Complexity
    How complicated is the technical implementation? Does it use a variety of tools? Or does it only use a couple? This incentivises learning many different types of technologies. For instance, a static web site would mark lower than a full stack system.
  • Completeness
    How complete is the final result? Does it have obvious bugs?
  • UX/UI
    Is the user interface and experience appealing? Or is it particularly simple? The result of this goes into the design prize.
  • Usefulness
    Does this solution solve a real problem? How related is it to a sustainable development goal? A solution at a large scale may help people in poverty, or world hunger. A small scale problem in comparison is deciding what to eat in the neighbourhood.
  • Innovation
    Is this solution particularly innovative? Has the group done research on what similar projects have been built in the past? Getting high marks on this means considering other projects that have been done that are similar, and why yours is different.
  • Feasibility
    Is this solution feasible? If you developed this further would it be possible to create an MVP? Getting high marks on this means considering how easy this solution would be to implement.
  • IOT Prize
    Does this use IOT effectively in the solution?
  • Social Impact Prize
    Does this solution have a potential for a large social impact?
  • Video Pitch
    Is the pitch of high quality? How convincing is it?

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